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Complete Media

Complete Media partners with smart business leaders to increase their profits by executing smart marketing strategies.
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Luke Properties
Luke Properties offers affordable rental properties and also works with investors to build long-term wealth and passive income through real estate investing.
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Complete Media Web Reseller

CMI Reseller gives you the power to sell online marketing tools to help businesses succeed. Help businesses and yourself make more money today.
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Inspiring Growth Through Purpose

Luke Companies is a diverse group of family companies and partnerships that each share the same focus.

Honesty, Humility and Integrity.

At Luke Companies, our goal is to help our partners maximize their returns by making smart investment decisions, while keeping our values in the forefront.

We believe that long-term, strategic planning is key to building a solid foundation. Closely working with each partner, we provide business, wellness and interpersonal consultation aimed at building assets and income for each business we work with. Clients nationwide have experienced the impact of our businesses. Still family owned and operated, our entrepreneurial roots run deep.

Over the years, we have built many amazing partnerships. Learn more about all of our businesses and partnerships here.